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Through Project AA, I will build a tennis centre in Uganda where children and adults can play. From this, I aim to mentor young coaches who can then teach children the art of the sport with the intentions of producing future tennis champions. The coaches will also teach children key life values and skills. We will then identify talented kids from the program who have what it takes to transition through a performance pathway to compete at national and intentional level.

During the national lockdown in February 2021, I managed to go to Kampala and work with the children from a charity called Tennis For All Uganda (TFAU). TFAU are a local charity based in the heart of Kampala. TFUA seek to change lives, one game at a time, through structured tennis programs. They empower, mobilize, and educate children from the slums of Kampala by offering tennis, health education and social support. This was a wonderful experience as the children really appreciated the coaching, something which they don't get often. 


I also allowed me to get a better understanding of the current situation of tennis in Uganda. Following this, I visited the Lugogo Tennis Complex which is also situated in Kampala which is the main tennis centre in Kampala. I met with a few of the coaches at the club, and explained my plans to develop tennis in Uganda which they loved and want to be a part of!

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